Sunday, September 18, 2016

Decisive week ahead

The coming week has the US Fed meeting coming up and if there is no hike in rates, expect a swift upmove.

1. The market continues to be stuck in a range and a close above 8848 is first sign that the range will be broken on upside.
2. 8650 forms the lower end of the boundary. This week, the fed meet will be on Wed and we will know by the time markets open for trade on Thursday.
3. The rally will be swift and we will see new highs even if a correction happens. The reason for the rally is liquidity. Till liquidity flows in, rally will continue.
4. Break of 8650 will lead to 8450 8500 range and break of 8850 will lead to re test of previous highs.

I would book profits in mid caps and invest the profits in large caps. Always, the stratwgy of reducing cost price works.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Every correction is a buying opportunity

The markets corrected after hitting the resistance zone. Every correction is a buying opportunity.
 1. The Technicals are at play out here. After hitting the expected resistance zone, the markets are correcting.
2. 8650 was a strong resistance and the whole 8540-8650-8720 will provide a very strong support.
3. The global cued have suddenly turned negative with prospects of rate hike in September by the US Fed.
4. Partial profit booking is a must in midcaps which have gone up from the Feb lows.
 5. We are in the 5th wave up from 6826. The first wave was 1200 points and we should go above the previous top of 9119.
It is a buy on dip market, with profit booking at appropriate times.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Heading into a Resistance Zone

The markets finally broke the shackles of the resistance of 8550-8650. The good news is that the congestion zone is broken, the bad news is that the next resistance zone is near by.
1. 11 out of last 14 September s have been kind to the markets, this year could be the same.
2. The breakout is significant as it comes after several weeks of consolidation.
3. Last few weeks midcaps rallied and front line stocks were range bound now it may reverse.
4. One needs to lock in profits and non convertible debentures are safe instruments yielding 9 to 10 pc div yield.
5. Globally, Yellen may raise interest rates.5. In the last rally before peaking out at 9119, 8850 was a significant point and market may get resisted here.
6. Time to stick to quality stocks and avoid the telecom sector.
7. Auto stocks are rallying as the sector is seeing good traction.8. Gold bonds of RBI are 1 good investment option.These are times to be in the markets while at the same time one must lock out profits.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Decisive week Ahead

Markets have been stuck in the trading range of 8540 to 8728 for almost a month. The previous expiry is over and now I feel we should get clarity this week on breakout or breakdown.

1. There are no major triggers for the markets now. All the positives have been factored.

2.A break of 8540 should give us 8350 or a breakout should give us 8950. A correction is welcome before we test new highs. Also 8650/is 80 pc resistance of 9119 to 6875 correction, so the current time pass at these levels is expected. Once it breaks 8750 expect a super duper rally.

3. DHFL bonds are coming up again. It has yields up to 9.25 pc and are listed on the NSE offering easy liquidity. This is 1 good diversification.

4. The global triggers are missing for the moment but we are approaching the month of September which is for some reason a volatile month globally.

5. The strategy remains the same, buy on dip, stick to good quality names and average if the stick goes down, book part profits if it goes up. Reduce risk, one cannot eliminate risk but minimise risk.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Urijit Patel appointment signals all time highs coming soon

Modi government has signalled it's biggest intent of commitment to reforms by this appointment. What does it mean?
1. Government agreed with Governor Rajan policies and signal Continuity. Patel was Rajan right hand.
 2. No rate cuts, Patel is in Rajan mould.
3. Bond yields will rise in short term, 7.17 pc can goto 7.3 pc.
4.Markets may correct knee jerk if at all they do, but new highs coming mostly till Diwali.
5. Long time back I was saying 10500, we will get there eventually. 
6. 80 pc retracement of 9119 6825 is 8660, close above this on consistent basis implies new highs or testing of 9119.
.7. Sectors to watch out for are Banking, Pharma, defence, Infrastructure especially road building.This has been a Special, masterstroke, cut a popular Governor to size and yet retain the cream.

It feels good to restart blogging, my 1 month break is over. I am back.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Short Break from Blogging

It has been more than 6 years, I have been blogging almost non stop. It has been a very enriching journey.Now, time to take a short break of a month or so while I recharge.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lull before the storm

With the absence of any major triggers, the front line indices are range bound where as the mid caps are racing ahead. This inertia may last for 1 week more as a lot of triggers are ready to move the markets ahead.

1. The Parliament will be in session from July 18th and it looks like the GST bill may pass through the Rajya Sabha. If that happens expect 8800-9119 on the indices.

2. The monsoons are normal so far and in a couple of weeks, there will be confirmation of normal rains and 1 more positive for the markets.

3. The FIIs continue to buy and that is a great support for the markets.

4. Every dip becomes a buy now and the markets may test 8000-8100 area once before the next up move.

5. The earning season is about to begin and typically such months are range bound for the markets.
 The GST bill will come up towards the end of July after the customary shadow boxing amongst the various parties.

6. Technically, the market looks set for new highs after some consolidation.

7. IPOs are hitting the markets and that is a sign of bull markets.

All the negatives seem to have been taken care of and the markets should make new highs before Diwali unless some unforeseen event happens.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

BREXIT, REXIT what next?

Both the events which would have negative impact on the markets happened. First REXIT and then the BREXIT. BREXIT was unexpected and let us see how it pans out.

1. Typically, my experience in the markets states that if there is a sell off on a Friday it continues and peaks on a Monday. So, in all likelihood the fall will continue on Monday.

2. This is a very good buying opportunity for all those yet to buy and for those who have booked profits. We could be correcting the move from 7715 to 8295 or the entire move from 6825 to 8295.

3. If we are correcting from 7715 to 8295, the targets are 7940 (already achieved), 7860 and 7805. Below 7805 we are in for a deeper correction. So, 7805 one should ideally finish 50% of the buying to be done.

4. Now if we are correcting whole move from 6825 to 8295,  the targets are 7849, 7653, 7495,7337 and finally 7100.

5. The monsoon session will start sometime in the third week of July and GST seems to be likely to be passed by then. If that happens, then there will be another big rally in the making.

6. BREXIT impacts are still 2-3 years down the line. First the UK Government has to trigger clause 50, 2 years after which the divorce will be complete. PM Cameroon is talking about letting the next PM do that so that will not happen before October 2016 at the eariest. The exit will happen towards late 2018. In the meantime, UK will have to come up with trade agreements with other countries to replace the existing ones.

The Results month is typically a range bound month. So, expected limited immediate upsides, some correction and sideways movement. This is a very good buying opportunity.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

REXIT is here. what about BREXIT?

Well, Governor Rajan shook up everybody on a somnolent Saturday by stating he will not be in office for a second term. The poster boy whom everyone wanted will not continue and this will have a sentimental effect on the markets.

1. Markets are driven by human sentiments and emotions. I expect a short term reaction from the markets before stabilizing. 1 major event is out of the way and kudos to Mr Rajan were not keeping the issue hanging in fire till September.

2. The next issue is the British referendum on whether to remain in the European Union on the 23rd June. If this happens, then UK may split with Scotland seeking its own independence.

3. If the BREXIT happens, then we may see the 7500-7800 band being tested and which will be a buying opportunity. Even the dip arising from Rajan exit will turn out to be a very good buying opportunity.

4. The FIIs were sellers 3 of the 5 days and their support is needed for the markets to move higher.

5. The Mahanagar Gas IPO is coming next week and it is a very good IPO to subscribe to.

6. Technically, the markets are pausing after a sharp up move and now would be a good time to add stocks.

7. The GST Bill seems to be almost sure to be passed. So, after the BREXIT event we have a potentially positive event lined up.

All in all, every dip which would be presented next week will be a very good buying opportunity.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Every Dip is a Buying Opportunity

The markets reacted from the strong resistance zone and have begun to correct. If the correction persists, it will be a very good buying opportunity. One would now find the mid caps rallying while the large caps will cool off a bit.

1. The FIIs have continued to be buyers for every day of June. DIIs are sellers and the support is there for the markets to avoid a drastic fall.

2. The poor IIP numbers may lead to the minor correction continuing in the early part of the next week.

3. Technically 8114 and then 7950 - 8000 are strong support zones. A cooling off is healthy and required for the markets.

4. The RBI policy as expected was a non event for the markets. Rates were kept unchanged and unless more rate cuts are transmitted to end users, this will continue.

5. The next event coming is the supposed exit of Britain from the EU, Brexit as it is called on the 23rd June. If that happens, the global markets will collapse.

6. Domestically, other than confirmation of the monsoons, there are not many triggers in the immediate future for the markets to react.

7. Technically, the markets have reacted from a resistance zone and are expected to retreat to a support zone before the next leg up.

One will now see action shifting from the front line stocks to the mid caps. The index will take a breather while the cash shares do well. Even for the correction from November 2015 to Feb 2016, the cash shares or the mid caps started correcting only in the month of Jan 2016.