Sunday, April 28, 2013

RBI Policy: All factored in?

The markets soared again this week eking out a gain of 1.5 pc. The RBI Policy has been factored in with all this rise. Let us see and explore what the markets have in store?

1. The markets have built in so much expectation that a 25 basis point announcement will lead to the markets correcting. Only 50 basis points and more can help continue the rally.

2. The markets have also reached the key 5920-5950-5970 levels. It has been an almost breathless rally from 5477 levels in a matter of 2 weeks. The markets may well keep going up in the early part of the week.

3. The RBI announcement is also due on a Friday.Last few years I have been noticing that whenever key announcements are on Fridays, people tend to take money off the table. Infosys is a key indicator for such types of trends.

4. If the markets are to rally to new highs, a correction is necessary and healthy. Maybe the credit policy may be an excuse. Everything is factored in the markets and events are usually just excuses for corrections.

5. The Gilt funds continue to be the best performing asset class easily giving 12-13 pc safe returns.

6. Gold has given a bounce but this bounce should be short lived. One can think of buying gold at lower levels or above the 200 DMA at 1620 USD.

7. If the correction happens, it would be a good time to add good quality stocks which ca be traded and sold at 10-20 pc higher.

8. I still believe the entire bear market from early 2008 is still not over and 1 last dip to cover the pre-election of 3700-4000 is still pending.

9. The Gap may well be completed with the next elections making it a nice cycle from 1 General Election to another.

By part booking profits, one ca lower the cost price of shares, enjoy the dividends and keep the shares for the future.

I would certainly not add at these levels but wait for a correction to add. We can easily see the levels of 5650-5725 in early part of May which would be the time to add positions.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Markets Rebound: Is it sustainable?

The markets gained 4.6 pc this week, to stage an amazing recovery. Let us try and examine if the recovery is sustainable. The next week should be a volatile week as is it a truncated week with expiry also down the corner.


1. Gold crashed below the 1400 USD ad Brent crude is trading below the 100 USD. These are 2 key fundamental factors which should help the rally if this continues. India's main problem are the high level of crude oil and gold imports. Lower prices of these 2 commodities should help keep the Current Account Deficit low.

2. The inflation came in lower and a rate cut is expected in the RBI policy on May 3rd. This is what is keeping the Banking stocks on a high.

3. A large number of bills are lined up in Parliament on Monday and a lot depends on how the opposition allows the Parliament to function.

4. The Results have been good for TCS, HCL Tech and some of the private sector banks. There have been no major unpleasant surprises so far barring Infosys. This should sustain the markets.


1.The Nifty fell from 6112 to 5477. Now there are several probabilities at play here. 1 is that this was the first leg of the down move and what we are witnessing now is the corrective up move to the entire fall. The fall took about 10 weeks. The current rally is corrective up move to the fall with targets of 5720, 5795 and 5870. Beyond 5985, we can treat this as a fresh leg up.

2. If the scenario mentioned in 1 is correct, then from the levels above we should see a fall of 400 - 600 points to form the final bottom.

3. The up move which has commenced from 5477 can have a retracement till 5673, 5636 and 5598.Below 5540 we can say a fresh down move has commenced.

4. Long term Trend line support is 5250 below which we will enter a bear market. The entire fall from 6112, trend line resistance is 5840 beyond which we can say a new rally has commenced.


Buy on Dips towards 5670 with a strict stop loss of 5600 and 5540.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Infosys Triggers the downside

Infosys came up with a poor set of numbers again and that led to the markets tanking on Friday. Overall, the week ended with a loss of 0.4 pc on the Nifty. Let us try and examine what has changed.

1. Crude came down to 102 dollars a barrel and Gold plunged. This will help the Current Account Deficit as the 2 majors imports of India are crude oil and Gold. A falling Gold price will have 2 impacts, one is cost will be less and secondly demand will abate for sometime.

2. Gold seems to have broken quite a few supports. Gold for quite a few past years has never broken its February low for the year. This year it has and that has bearish implications for Gold.I would add Gold either above 1620 USD or below 1400 USD.

3. The next week has a lot of key Results lined up and they will set the tone for the markets. TCS will be a key Result. If it also is poor then the markets will tank. TCS Results should be better than Infosys.

4. The Inflation Data and the IIP data point to a 25 basis points rate cut in May. Gilt funds still remain the safest option for parling money and getting a decet return. They are highest yielding asset class i past 1 year.

5. The markets are below the 200 DMA for about 7 trading sessions. Typically, if it is just a correction they bounce up within 15-20 sessios. Hence, if the markets remain below the 200 DMA for more than 1 week more than we are in for a lengthy time below the 200 DMA.

6. 5650 comes across as a significant resistance and only if the market moves above this, we ca expect a significant rally.

The Strategy remains the same. Buy on dips and stick to good Quality Stocks. The coming week is a curtailed week for the stock markets. Friday is a holiday for Ram Navami.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

All eyes on the Results Season

The markets continued on their journey south. They lost another 2.3 pc to close at 5553, a crucial support level. Let us try and see what can influence the markets in the next few days.

1. FIIs have also started selling and that led the markets to go down further. The FII selling is only in small quantities but the support being provided to the markets so far is absent. Further selling by the FIIs can lead to the markets tanking further.

2. The commodities are also correcting.Crude and Gold, 2 of India's biggest imports are also falling down.The seeds of the next bull run can be seen in these falling commodity prices.

3. The Government continues to act on the Reform front.Sugar price decontrol was a long over due reform.

4. The Budget session is in recess and the Parliament will reconvene only on April 22nd. The Result season will also be kicked off on next Friday. If there are o global cues, then I expect the next week to be a week of subdued trading.

5. Technically, the markets have breached the 200 DMA and 200 EMA averages. These are long term support levels and the difference between a bull market and a bear market. The indices need to be remain under these levels for another few days to be sure we are entering into a bear market.

6. The main problem the markets have is that the sentiment is spoilt. Talk of elections is making people nervous. This uncertainty is driving the markets lower.

7. My strategy remain buying quality stocks on dips. Some of the stocks are at almost December 2011 levels. PSU banks offer a very good dividend yield and strong PSU Banks can be targeted for buying.

8.Gold is at important support levels and fresh buying should be avoided till the trend is clear. I would buy Gold only if it closes above 1620 levels in dollar terms for at least 1 week.

The bottom line is to be very careful with our stock purchases and to stick to Quality Stocks.