Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why FIIs invest in India

Here I am taking an illustration given by my friend Aarti. The FIIs stand to gain much more than us Indians. Here is why?
The rupee rate is 48 rupees to 1 USD. Assume, we buy Nifty BEES (Benchmark ETF) at 480. This means Nifty is at 4800. We get to buy 100 units of Nifty ETF with 1000 dollars.
ow a couple of months have passed by and Nifty reached 5350. Our ETF rate has gone to 530. The Indians earn 10.41 pc rate of return. Now our friend Mr Bernanke continues with his low interest rate regime, interest rate of almost 0 pc, he prints some more dollars, gold rallies and USD weakens. Now 1 USD gives us 44 rupees. We decide to encash our Nifty BEEs 100 units. We get back Rs 53000 = 53500/44 = 1215 dollars. A return of almost 21.5 % and the game goes on.
If the rupee strengthens to 42, we make even more returns. Now, FIIs are always leveraged that is they for every 100 dollars they invest, they can buy up to 300 dollars worth of stocks. They can make triple the profit. At the opportune time, they sneak away and the game begins in some other emerging market.
This is the secret of the so called FII flows.Of course, one can go with the trend and aim to move away before the music stops playing.

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