Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wikileaks: Impacts and significance

This week the world was rocked by the Wiki leaks expose of American Diplomatic cables by the now now (in) famous Wiki leaks expose. What is wiki leaks and what is its significance?

To skip re-inventing the wheel, have a look at the wiki site below:

Now, lets see the ramifications. In the short term, the expose of the diplomatic cables and confidential information being shared in the public domain is just a small event making headlines. The basic gist was the expose of US secret moves and name calling of its allies. The French President was called as the Emperor with no Clothes. All these revelations in the short term offer nothing much except provided entertainment for billions of bored readers worldwide.
The real ramifications lie in the long term perspective. The only strength the US has its dollar and its numero uno status in the pecking order worldwide. Such damaging comments about its double standards with its allies will lead to an erosion of trust amongst its allies. The shift will be gradual not visible in a day, month or an hour. Often, small seemingly insignificant events lead to big catastrophes.
The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand lead to the first world war.

That event was not the main cause. The ground work was laid years in advance. It was a small match which lit the bonfire which consumed the world.

The disquiet amongst its allies may eventually lead to the dollar not being the Numero Uno currency in the world. This may be next month, next year or next decade for all we know.

The wiki leaks are significant in the sense they can be the beginning of the end of the American dream. Each nation usually leads the world for a century or two. First it was the British, then the Americans after the World War 2, now we await the rise of the new axis of powers.

Us has to adjust to the new world reality that they are not the first nation of the world but first amongst equals. If they string together an alliance of allies they can cling on for few more decades. The writing is on the wall. Its up to the US to read it.

The Korean exchanges, the Iranian Nuclear stuff can all be just small events in a cycle unfolding which leads to a new world order.

Julian Assange is both a hero and a villain. Hero for making the information public. Information is the right of every world citizen. Villain for making statecraft secrets public. History will judge Julian Assange. It is also said History is written by the Victors.

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