Sunday, October 23, 2011

Markets: The Week Ahead

It is a crucial week for the markets with the expiry on Tuesday and a curtailed trading week. TO complicate matters we have the RBI policy to boot on Tuesday. Let us see what the markets have to offer.

1. Expiry on Tuesday and RBI Credit policy on same day is potentially explosive cocktail. RBI should hike rates by 25 basis points. Anything less or more could trigger about 100 point moves on the Nifty.

2. The resistance of 5170 has held for 3 attempts now. Either we break it in the move or we tank to to test 4720. Above 5230, we can re-test the 5350-5400 zone.

3. If money is pumped in for Euro crisis and Greek gets a bailout, expect dollar index to go up, commodities to crash and gold to weaken in the short term.

4. One can look at investing in the Infrastructure Bonds of PFC covered in an earlier post.

5. The results are coming in and nothing spectacular to write home so far. The good results will be out and the ones declared later are usually nothing to write home about.

6. Infrastructure companies are bearing the brunt of the slowdown, like HCC and L&T.

I expect the markets to trade in a range in this truncated week. Have a safe, happy and prosperous Diwali.

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  1. Dear Nishit Vadhavkar!

    Wishing you, ur family & all ur readers a very happy Deewali & prosperous time ahead.