Sunday, November 27, 2011

Corrective Bounce Due

The Markets fell about 4 pc to close at 4710 for the week. This was on the back of a 5 pc fall last week. The Markets are deeply oversold in the short term and are due for a bounce.

1. The markets have been falling hitting 5400. This is the 5th wave of the C wave which started from 5944
C1 ended at 5196
C2 ended at 5740
C3 ended at 4720
C4 ended at 5400

C5-1 ended at 4640 or should end soon. If C5-1 ended at 4640, C5-2 can go uptil 4930, 5020 or 5109.

2. Historically, the area from 4539 to 4700 has a cluster of supports and will not breakdown so very easily. A bounce of 400-500 points is very much on the cards.

3. The downward sloping channel shows supports at 4430 and resistance at 5320.

4. The difference between 5 day moving averages and the 20 day moving average has moved near historic support levels. This implies a bounce is due.

5. Historically, the month of December has always been a positive month with gains above 5 pc. Hence, the next week may be the last week of the fall at least in the short term.

To summarize, buy at supports 4640 and play for a bounce in the month of December. It is also time to start building a portfolio of blue chips and for those interested, we have Lakshmi's Cherry Picks.

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  1. It may not bounce that much because every rise will be met with high sell pressure.Also this is a bear mkt so the bounce may be limited to 4970 IMHO.Regds.