Sunday, June 1, 2014

Opportunity to Buy Stocks

The market has gone into a Consolidation mode and now is a good time to add fresh stock positions. After the last elections in 2009, the top hit by the market 2 days after the elections was the top for 3-4 months. A similar story might be playing out, already 2 weeks have gone by.

1. The Markets ended May with a gain of 8 pc. June has historically been usually a positive to neutral month overall.

2. The Budget would be around 10-15th July, so one can expect the pre-budget rally to start in the 3rd week of June.

3. The RBI Policy on 3rd June will give direction to the markets. An unexpected rate cut may lead to the markets galloping ahead.

4. PSU stocks would be a theme under the Modi Government. PSU Banks especially mid-sized Banks with good dividend yields are a safe bet right now.

5. Most of the uncertainities which plagued the markets have disappeared and looks like good days are here for the markets again.

6. Gold has fallen into an abyss and I feel the golde days are behind for Gold at least for the next few years. gold does well whe there is fear in the markets. Right now, fear has vanished from the global markets.

7. The FIIs invested a huge amount in buying part of Kotak Promoter stake and also QIP of Yes Bank on Friday. They pumped in almost 14000 crores for the month of May.

All the factors are in place for a bull run. It is a buy on dips markets right now.


  1. Nishit, your view on muthoot finance NCD pls.

  2. Nitish, your views on Muthoot finance NCD pls

  3. You can add very small quantities.

  4. do something with letter 'n' on your keypad dude... :-)

    Good to read your views.

  5. Hi Nishit, do you provide paid subscription to Nifty trading? Or plan to in the near future? Your Nifty sar seems to be pretty accurate.

  6. Hi Arvind,
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