Sunday, October 12, 2014

Markets have started looking selectively attractive

The markets continued their correction this week and a few of the stocks have begun to look attractive. All eyes are now on the State Assembly results which will decide the course of the markets in the near future.

1. The FIIs have sold whole of October so far and their sell figures have been matched by DII buy figures. This has led to the markets not tanking.

2. The Global factors have turned weak and this is leading  to markets correcting.

3. If the BJP wins an outright majority on its own in Haryana and Maharashtra, the markets will rally else use it as a excuse to correct if the BJP is in a tight especially in Maharashtra then Modi's popularity will be questioned.

4. Brent crude has declined further leading to over=recovery in Diesel of more than 2 rupees. the fiscal Deficit definitely will be under control and this bodes well for the new government.

5. The Honeymoon period for the Modi Government is definitely nearing its end and mostly after Diwali, tough questions will begun to be asked.

6. Many of the stocks like Piramal Enterprises which had crossed 800 are now available at around 700 rupees.

7. The markets may have corrected only about 5 % but may good quality stocks have corrected much more. slowly, it is time to start nibbling at these stocks.

8. The markets can correct further till 7450 or 7600 or bounce from here. For long term investors, the buying opportunity is coming ad those willing to see their stocks temporarily go down can start thinking of accumulating.

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