Sunday, August 30, 2015

Buying Opportunity beckons

The Markets went in a tailspin this week and crashed before recovering to some extent. This gave 1 good buying opportunity. Let us see what further opportunities lie ahead.

1. On Monday, the markets fell by 6 pc and intra-day even more. It was a panic situation with FIIs selling about 5275 crores of shares which is highest in any single day.

2. The Global economic worries fueled this downfall and all stocks fell down.

3. Coming back to our last week's analysis, there were 2 likely scenarios:

"Looking at Elliot,

If wave A was from 9119 to 7940 = 1179 points.(Roughly about 3 months)
    wave B from 7940 to 8654 = 714 points (Roughly about 1.5 months)

Wave C will have targets of approx 7475, 7144 and should end around October end.

Now there is an alternate view in place.

This is we are still in B wave up and there could be 1 more peak around 8600 - 8800 before the fall to 7500 levels. In that case, the current fall should halt around 8100-8200 levels.

Whichever way one looks at, there are 2 things which are certain. We should be revisiting 7500-7800 area once and we would also be revisiting 8800 at least once"

Th Alternate view has been negated now and we are looking at lower levels now before making new highs.

The current fall can be labelled as C with 3 waves down,

A - 8654 - 7667 = 987 points.
B 7667 - 8091 and ongoing which can go up to 8275.

Post that there will be a final fall which will take us again to 7500-7800 range.

The entire month of September at least should go in traversing all this.

Strategy remains of buy on dips and this would be 1 last buying opportunity before we make new highs at 10000-11000 Nifty levels sometime in 2016.


  1. Always upto the mark. Simply great Analysis!!!!

  2. Hi Nishit,

    I received your blogpost link from Subhankar Gosh blogpost. Very crisp and great analysis. Though I am not a trader, your analysis will help us invest at right opportunity. Thanks.

  3. Hi Nishit,

    What are the reasons for your prediction that nifty will be above 10k when it is falling every day. Also there seems to be global gloom which has set in.

    Can you please explain?