Sunday, November 8, 2015

What next? Bihar Results are out

The Elections have come and gone. The Results are unveiled and the real winner of he elections is Lalu and the biggest loser is Nitesh. The markets will present an excellent buying opportunity on Monday.

1. Lalu from nowhere has come and grabbed center stage in Bihar. He has more seats than Nitesh so will grab prime portfolios. Take the credit and give the blame to Nitesh. Nitesh will become Chief Minister but what a price to pay. BJP as an ally was much better and safer than Lalu.

2. If Nitesh had stayed with the BJP, he would have had got few seats in the Union Cabinet plus Bihar he would have continued to rule peacefully.

3. Last week I had said markets should correct to 7200. We are at 7954 just about another 9-10 pc intra day. 7200 is coming and will be a buying opportunity.

4. FIIs continue to sell and that will add to short term pressure.

5. The Gold bonds being floated by the Government represent a very good buying chance to lock into Gold at low prices. I will study more and update.

Happy Diwali and stay tuned for my Diwali Pick before Mahurat Trading. This is 1 stock I am yet to enter but will buy with a 5 year horizon.


  1. good analysis
    for new year ,pl provide your views with one year that is next diwali in mind
    happy divali


  2. good analysis
    request you to provide update with perspective till next divali