Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday Season is here

The truncated week saw the markets rising up. They rose 1.3 pc. The FIIs are on vacation and I expect the expiry week to sustain the gains. Let us look at the way ahead.

1. The markets saw a dip in the volumes towards the end of the week. The FII selling has stopped. This means expiry week will have a positive up trend to it.

2. The Modi PR overdrive means the market has 1 more cheer to go up in the near term. The markets will show some real movement only if it crosses 8300. A rally up to 8100 is normal and is expected.

3. The US Rate hike is behind us and the news heavy items we have put behind us. The next triggers for the markets to move up will come in the corporate earnings around 10th of Jan 2016.

4. The IPO market is kicking which money is floating around. I expect 1 more round of correction or it may have already ended. Value stocks are still cheap to buy.

5. 2016 will be the year of India. There will definitely 1 more rally which will take us to new highs. I will post my 2016 outlook sometime early next week. Please keep watching this space. Happy Holidays and a time to take it easy for the rest of the Year!!!

Technically, we will bounce from here, expiry will take the markets up but that need not mean the woes are behind us.

Keep adding strong stocks at correct valuations.

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