Sunday, November 13, 2016

Short term Pain Long Term Gain

Whichever I look at the charts, short term there may be pain but long term we are in a uptrend.

1. The markets may correct upto 8230, 8125, 8000 or worst case 7896.

2. On the upside 8600 is a firm wall, only on breach of that we can think of new highs.

3. The demonetization will have the banks leading the next way of up move.

4. Donald Trump has already started changing his rhetoric, reality will be different.

Right now, the markets are unstable but in the month of November we may see a major low in place.

The FII outflow happened in August 2013, after that we rallied from 5118 to 9119, same way we should rally after the dust has settled.

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