Saturday, July 25, 2009

Picking up the thread from last time, I move on to Jim Rogers.

Jim Rogers is unique in the sense he has traveled round the world twice once on a motorcycle and later in a custom-made Mercedes.
He is amongst the few investors who have actually traveled the world twice in search of pastures for investment.
He had started the Quantum Investment fund with George Soros which gave a return of 4200% (You read it right) when the S&P return for the same time was 42%.
Jim Rogers discovered stocks in an Eastern European economy bought them cheap, popularized the country amongst Western Investors and then got out after making a killing.
His daughter has a Mandarin tutor because he believes the future in the East. He had made a very famous statement few years back " In 1807 you should have been in London, 1907 in New York and 2007 in Asia"
He was bullish on Sugar and Gold when no one was bullish. He believes Gold has a very bright future. At the time he was bullish on gold was available for Rs 5000 for 10 gm and was considered a dead investment (Only my dear friend Taran has been bullish since then)
He believes India does not have the same potential as China and may break up in next 30-40 years.( I believe the opposite may happen. China breaks up and India pulls ahead).
Dictatorship does not work always.

Jim Rogers is bearish on the USD and one of his famous quote is

The dollar can go down to zero.

Our Central Bank will keep on printing money till we run out of trees.

He is obviously in the camp of bearish on USD, bullish on commodities especially gold.
Jim Rogers writes a blog which you can visit at:

His book, The Investment Biker is a very good read.

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