Saturday, October 24, 2009

Critical Week Ahead

The markets hit a high of 5182 on the nifty before closing the week at 4997. This was a very interesting week, and the week that follows will tell us whether the entire rally which started from March is over or just a small dip. There were several differences this week over the previous 7 months.

First, the FIIs were huge sellers on last 3 days. They pulled out almost 1500 crores whereas DIIs pulled out 80 crores. I went back and checked. The DIIs have bee net sellers over August, Sept and Oct. In July they were marginal buyers.
This means the entire rally from July, post budget has been on FII flows. This week FII liquidation could be because of Galleon and Lehman forced liquidation or something else. If it was only a forced liquidation, then we should be ok.

Second, Nifty closed at 4997. The 5 week EMA was at 5000, and it has closed below it. This is only the second time in 7 months it has done so.Hence, for the bull run to continue we should close above 5000 next week. All the max open interest is at 5000 strike price for Oct expiry. So we should be somewhere around this by Thursday with a negative bias as there are more calls than puts written at 5000.

Thirdly, we have closed below 20 EMA from which we have taken support many times. 50 EMA comes at 4853 which becomes a key level to watch. Closing below this level for 3-4 sessions, then all bets are off.

UK recession continues. Longest recession since they started keeping records. In US, the corporate results were better than expected. The main thing is profits have increased but not the sales to the same extent. The increased profits come on the back of cost cutting measures. But you can cut costs only to an extent.

Lets see if the entire upmove from March is over and we begin the next leg of downmove or the uptrend is intact.

Over the longer term, I am bullish on sugar, gold and Telecom (Bharti).

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